About the Blog

Its about anything and everything. I, Steven Hancock started this blog for a variety of reasons. I want to start documenting my life and sharing that with others, whether that's family, friends, strangers or my future self. I also want to start sharing my experiences with others in hopes that others can learn from me. Perhaps I can help someone set up an Ubuntu server, write a Django Web Application, or setup a Phonegap Mobile App.

That's it. I'm hear to share. Nothing more, nothing less. I will be covering a wide variety of topics so feel free to browse for the blog entries that interest you most.

In the Beginning

April 26, 2013

100 pages scribbled out by an eight-year-old’s wild imagination. That was me, almost 20 years ago. I wrote about ghosts, aliens, and zombies. I included my family, friends, and teachers as characters. The one written adventure that has survived was entitled In The Beginning.

Since child hood I haven't done any writing for pleasure. Now a days the only writing that I mange to do is through work or social media. I never write for the "fun of it". Well that's about to change, starting with this, my first blog entry.

At the inception of this blog there is no defined direction. I can write about anything and everything. I could write about my professional field. I certainly enjoy researching and discussing programming and software development. I could write about interesting books, articles, business or marketing strategies that I come across. I could write about some of my hobbies like photography or cycling. I could even write about the same ghosts, aliens, and zombies that I wrote about as a child. I’m leaving the topics open-ended right now.

Right now, I’m excited to be writing for the joy of writing. I feel freedom with the lack of restrictions and lack of expectations. I think I’m going to enjoy this!