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Its about anything and everything. I, Steven Hancock started this blog for a variety of reasons. I want to start documenting my life and sharing that with others, whether that's family, friends, strangers or my future self. I also want to start sharing my experiences with others in hopes that others can learn from me. Perhaps I can help someone set up an Ubuntu server, write a Django Web Application, or setup a Phonegap Mobile App.

That's it. I'm hear to share. Nothing more, nothing less. I will be covering a wide variety of topics so feel free to browse for the blog entries that interest you most.

Why I Love to Work (And Work 60+ Hours a Week)

October 13, 2015

I have found a job that I love. I work with amazing people. I have a wide variety of responsibilities. I use lots of different technologies. I learn new things every day. I love working. I love working my regular 8-5 work day. But yet I also love coming in early and staying late. I love bringing work home. I love experimenting on weekends. My job is a blast!

What's there to love?

I work with great people. They aren't just smart. They don't just come from different backgrounds. They don't just challenge me. The best thing about my coworkers is that almost everyone of my 149 other employees are my friend. Coming to work everyday is a pleasure because of the people I work with.

I get to do cool shit. I have had the opportunity to present to the entire company. I've been lucky enough to join the company's leadership. I've been able to lead an department. I get to try new technologies on a daily basis. I get to build software. I get to showcase key performance indicators. No day is like the one before it which makes every day interesting.

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life balance is something I often struggle with. I hate the term. It implies that life is separate from work. Work is a part of life. The term exists because many believe that work and non-work activities are mutually exclusive, this is rarely the case.

We all have work friends. We spend time joking, talking about our kids, our adventures, our ups and downs of non-work life. If I wasn't working I would still want that daily contact with friends. I'm lucky enough to have those friends at work.

I love to learn. I'll read books about relationship building. I'll take a course on data analysis. I'll listen to web development podcast. I'll read articles about finance. I find it all interesting and all entertaining. It just so happens that learning also helps me in my career, blurring the line between work and life.

Leisure time IS leisure time. I get joy out of writing some code, developing some model, or planning for the future. So if I use leisure time to do things that are work related is that really a problem? It relaxes me. It makes me think. It is fun! Do not try to tell me that I have to keep my work life and my non-work leisure time separate.

Can you work too much?

Don't misconstrue my sentiment. I can work too much. I still need to take care of my health. I still need to have relationships that aren't directly connected to my job. I have a family that requires, and deserves, a large portion of my time. That being said, I see nothing wrong with working hard and working lots when I love my work!